Hooking to Employability

Hook to Employability - is a new and unique vocational, practical and work experience based Post 16 programme for young people who need extra support when leaving school and transitioning into the next stage of their life-long learning.

Through the Sport of Boxing, 121 mentoring and support aimed at nurturing and empowering, the programme will build confidence, self-esteem and develop social and ethical intelligence to help support aspirations and ambitions.

The programme has a menu of accredited elements which can be chosen by the student to best support them at their current level of ability/engagement and is usually interest based. These include:

•AQA Unit Achievement Awards in Boxing and PHSE

•Boxing Leaders Award Level 1

•Level 1 Employability Skills

•Level 1 Vocational Award (summer term linked to Progression Plan)

•Functional Skills in English, Maths (if required)

All students will be offered bespoke work experience placement in the field of their choice, using a bank of employers who have been carefully chosen based on values and their ability to meet their needs of each student.